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Benefits of Playing the Violin

Over the years, violin became one of the most well known instruments learnt and performed by many people, varying from the younger children to adults. Although violin may be said as one of the more difficult instruments to master, there are many positive changes violin can bring to an individual’s life. Learning the violin can benefit an individual in his/her physical, mental, and social aspects of their life.

Physical Benefits

Body Posture

When playing the violin, it is required for the individual to sit up straight while holding the violin and bow with his/her shoulders and upper arms. 

Over time, an individual’s back will start to get stronger due to consistent practice to straighten his/her back. The individual’s shoulders and upper arms will also begin to strengthen too as their shoulders and arms are holding the weight of the instruments during practices.

 Thus, the strengthening of the back, arms, and shoulders improved the individual’s posture as a whole.

Flexibility and Strength of fingers

The individual’s fingers will become stronger due to consistent pressing on the violin strings to produce the desired note. Furthermore, the flexibility of the fingers will generally improve due to the consistent quick movements involved in violin playing. An individual’s fingers thus will get more nimble.

In a few weeks of regular practice, stronger upper body, especially the arms and shoulders can be noticed. Thus, violin is actually a good form of exercise for the young children and even the adults. Stronger body will always lead to better health. :) Stronger, nimble fingers through violin playing is actually beneficial in other aspects too like improve in typing.

Mental Benefits

Improved Concentration

Like any other musical instruments, focused attention is also essential for violin playing. An individual needs to focus so as to master the techniques in playing as well as to focus to read music. 

Improved concentration is beneficial to an individual in many other aspects of life like in working or studying for a particular subject.

Improved Memory

Learning the violin allows the training of one’s memory to improve as the individual needs to memorize the theory (reading of music) aspect of music as well as the practical (finger positioning and violin techniques) aspect of violin playing. 

Sharpened memory is especially important in everyday life as it allows one to be able to learn new things much easier and faster.

Improved Self Discipline

As mentioned earlier that learning the violin might be more difficult compared to other instruments, consistent practice over and over again is essential for one to master the skills for violin playing. 

Consistent practice normally comes from an individual’s own self discipline to make the practice happen. Improved self-discipline is important especially since young. Parents and teachers play a role to instil the mindset of self-discipline through teaching the violin. 

Normally, self-discipline and concentration comes together. Without self-discipline, it is not easy for one to keep still concentrating on a particular thing.

As a whole, these mental benefits helped in improving an individual’s personal development, to prepare him/her for future work, challenges, and even obstacles.

Social Benefits


Besides the important skills acquired through learning the violin, playing the violin can also help to build up confidence in individuals.

 Through learning and playing, or even performing violin, individuals learn to express themselves better and become more confident through the encouragement from the music teachers, family, and audience. This boosts their morale positively, which will build a sense of pride and confidence in them.

Social Interaction

Through performing and playing violin, individuals might be given the opportunity to play in an orchestra with others. Mixing with others and learning to speak up in the process can improve their social interaction. Social interaction is beneficial, especially for introverts to learn to express themselves better.

As you can see, violin is not just all about learning music only. Violin has so many benefits that will improve your learning in other aspects of you life!

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