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Since the start of our first music agency in 2010, SGuitar Music Agency, our agencies have expanded and branched out into new instruments. In 2011, we started restructuring our companies and created a brand new music company called TravelClef

SGuitar Music Agency, SG Piano Music Agency, SG Drums Music Agency and SG Violin Music Agency are all under the umbrella of SG Music Group Co. Registration: T14LL1296B.

Under the guidance of our founders, Benjamin and Edmund, TravelClef has grown to be the leading corporate music provider in Singapore and specializes in bringing music lessons to corporate firms and organisations. Even in their busy schedule, our founders are active in charitable acts and commits themselves into helping people who are less fortunate- especially the elderly and less-privileged children. Their efforts got them featured on Mediacorp's 早安您好 and they also received commendations from Dr. Tan Cheng Bok as well as President Tony Tan.

While the OCBC Emerging Enterprise nominees have committed themselves to bringing music to everyone, they also constantly seek ways to improve their business models for their clients. So, in 2014, we came up with a policy that could help our clients feel safe and protected always when they choose to search for a private music teacher through us.

We have 2 simple reasons why you should choose us over other music agencies:

1. FREE Service (No Registration / Agency / Admin Costs)
- You only pay for the lessons and nothing else!

2. Customer Protection Policy
We are the only agency in Singapore that offers this policy to our clients. You do not need to be afraid of dishonest private music teachers who scam students. We take serious actions against such teachers while on the other hand we will refund you any money (if any) that the teachers owe you.
Read more about our policy here.

Phone operating hours: 

10am-6pm (Mon-Sat)